About Beautiful Education


Beautiful Education was founded in 2012

Our mission is to make education better for everyone.

We strive to improve focused educational outcomes in our work and whatever we do, it has to be beautiful.

We provide effective capacity when you need it in the fields of education, technology, training, teaching and learning.  

Our consultancy services are delivered by confident, competent professionals with a wealth of experience.

We deliver tried and tested training courses but also design bespoke training courses to meet your specific needs.

Our staff are comfortable working in challenging environments, we thrive on motivating students and making a difference, inspiring students to achieve beyond what they may think possible.  

We are researchers, academics, who love education and our subject areas. 

We are geeks who use education technology to engage, motivate and prepare learners for future vocations and the challenges of positive participation in technology driven society.  We improve outcomes for staff and students, and increase efficiency.

We design and make education technology working with the best available education technology companies in the UK and Europe.

We are school improvement professionals delivering hands-on change, working on the ground with staff in their working contexts.  

We are forensic, systems analysts who will work to continually improve standards and efficiencies.

We would love to hear from you to talk over your requirements.