Amanda Spielman - On Assessment

"""Rather than just intensifying the focus on data, Ofsted inspections must explore what is behind the data, asking how results have been achieved. Inspections, then, are about looking underneath the bonnet to be sure that a good quality education – one that genuinely meets pupils’ needs – is not being compromised.

Doing that isn’t easy. At Ofsted, we are all too aware of the challenge of interpreting data wisely and placing it in its proper context. And we are particularly conscious of the changing exam landscape and all the increased volatility of results in periods of transition.

We know, for example, that it is particularly difficult to predict outcomes this year in the new English and maths GCSEs. And as Sean Harford said, in his update to our inspectors earlier this year, no one in schools – however good – can predict Progress 8 this accurately.

So both Sean and I have been really clear that our inspectors aren’t expecting these predictions. Instead, we will be looking at whether schools know that pupils are making progress and, if they are not, whether the management team is taking effective action."""

Amanda Spielman - Ofsted Chief Inspector (23rd June 2017)

Amanda Spielman - On Assessment

"""And I have become ever more convinced of this, as a visitor to schools and as an observer of some of our inspections. In some of those, I have seen GCSE assessment objectives tracking back into Year 7, and SAT practice papers starting in Year 4. And I’ve seen lessons where everything is about the exam and where teaching the mark schemes has a bigger place than teaching history.

That is not what will set our children up for great futures. Nor will the growing cannibalisation of key stage 3 into key stage 4. Preparing for GCSEs so early gives young people less time to study a range of subjects in depth and more time just practising the tests themselves."""

Amanda Spielman - Ofsted Chief Inspector (23rd June 2017)

Speaking at the Festival of Education

A453 Practical Programming - Staff Training Session

Dr Philip Lewis delivered a blinding practical programming session today in Hackney. Using Python and a range of visualisation editors he challenged teaching staff to reach for GCSE A* standards. Philip guided the teachers step by step, block by block, through his highly efficient solution articulating why he had made his particular choices. It was an inspirational session.

Expired - No Longer Available - Encryption Task (For verified UK teachers private use only)

Due to the overwhelming response to our CA2 post, Beautiful Education has again teamed up with Philip Lewis from UCL to produce a sample solution for A453 CA3 Encryption. If you would like access to the worked solution (which is intended to help you prepare for teaching and is not to be shared with students) please use the Beautiful Education Contact form providing your:

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We'll get back to you as soon as we can with the code. We may verify with a response email or two.