Edval Timetables

'Timetabling is merely the 'tool' that Edval uses to innovate education'

Beautiful Education is proud to partner with Edval Timetables who provide expert whole school timetable analysis, consultancy and construction, services. Edval has worked with schools for over ten years, developing and refining their unique timetabling software that plugs into existing timetable market leaders such as Nova T and SIMS so it is entirely non disruptive - it just works. Edval's expert consultants combine their vast, manual timetabling experience and Edval's software to audit existing timetables and produce smarter timetables with better rooming, staffing, spreads, blocks and movement.  

Team Edval

Team Edval

UK Timetable Case Studies

Working together, Beautiful Education and Edval Timetables are delivering UK based action research case studies to show the dramatic impact professional timetabling services can have on outcomes for all education stakeholders.  Many schools are just happy to have a timetable that works; Edval combine the latest technology with decades of consultancy experience to raise the timetabling bar.  It truly is a revelation to work with Edval - we are inspired by their dedication, professionalism and genuine obsession with all things timetabling.


Contact us to book a confidential, commitment free audit of your timetable with judgement report and recommendations, benchmarked against Edval's Timetable Quality Rubric.  Or, contact us to learn more about how Edval can take on all your timetabling needs as part of a comprehensive annual service.

Below are two UK case studies that show how Edval has already improved teaching and learning outcomes, increasing both staff and student satisfaction while saving the said schools significant amounts of money:


C ourt Moor Case Study -  Read the full case study

Court Moor Case Study - Read the full case study

Kennet School Case Study -  Read the full case study

Kennet School Case Study - Read the full case study