Beautiful Education is proud to partner with Teacherin who are disrupting the traditional supply agency route used to hire a cover teacher. Teacherin is an app, not an agency and the benefits to the supply teacher and school are enormous. The app fee is minuscule compared to existing agency rates and the Teacher doesn't pay a fee at all, they just get their daily rate of pay, without deductions. Forget about the technology, Teacherin just works. 

Schools win because they pay dramatically reduced booking fees - just £10 per booking

Supply teachers win because they pay nothing! They just get paid their daily rate which beats any agency pay rate out there.

How does it work?

Teachers register and schools register.

When a school needs a teacher they use the app to choose and message their favourite teacher. The teacher replies and arrives on time, ready to go.

Amazing, and already working in a Local Authority near you.

Quote Beautiful Education when you register for a special discount and an extended free pilot. Or, contact us for more information.

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